Be a Leader with Coaching

A coach is a person who partners with you in your endeavor, challenging you, bringing out what is ‘hidden’ inside yourself. S/He will facilitate the process of ‘transformation’; imagine yourself as a caterpillar that will end up being a ‘butterfly.’ Maybe you don’t like them so you can choose another analogy; regardless, you got the …

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Coaching 10 Reasons

Coaching: 10 Reasons to be Coached

Given the complexity of life and the dynamics of the business world, most people will appreciate discovering themselves, get new directions and discovering that they have inside what it takes. Surprised? Confused? Just tag along. The need to have someone professional, with a terrific code of ethics, a person with whom you feel comfortable with …

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The Top 5 Relationship Secrets

How long has your relationship lasted? Do you know what the secrets to a long-lasting relationship are? Well, if you don’t you are at the right place. Most people think that maintaining a relationship is easy, and this explains why people hurriedly get into relationships. Relationships require constant attention and nurturing if they are to …

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Conquer You Fears in 3 Steps

I had this conversation with a friend of mine, and he said fears are for sissies – I just laughed and said: “Right!” Do you have your fears tamed? No? Just continue tuned in. Well, I confronted my friend with several questions about fear, and after that he confronted himself with the reality that every …

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Minimalism: The First 3 Steps

Nowadays, minimalism is getting a trend; at least is portraited in magazines, blogs, podcasts – and the list continues, but why the hell do you consider yourself one? People, in general, just let themselves go without knowing the reasons to become something different: do they know what the values are? – I don’t think so. …

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