Boss or Leader: Who are you?

Boss or Leader

Probably you think that these two words are the same: are they?

I compare being a boss as a “bad ruler”, whereas a Leader doesn’t need to “rule”, he just has the charisma, the capability to listen and to get what he wants.

Did it spike your curiosity? I’m sure it did.

Imagine yourself in a meeting room with your managers, this is just an example, and you start shouting why things aren’t done, you say that things have to be done, and people nod at you agreeing, or reply that they didn’t have the time.

Now imagine yourself in the same situation, but now you ask why the several things haven’t been done, you listen to the reasons of each person, and you confidently talk, without shouting, establish an agreement with them a date to have that report on your email – for instance.

Can you see the difference?

On the second example, you are listening to the person; you are engaging with him/her, hearing the reasons, but making sure that you’ll get things done with a deadline; the person can even give his/her word that s/he will have it done by then.

This seems so natural, but most people that are you higher positions don’t have the awareness, the calm, and the self-control to listen, to engage and at the end to promote a healthy environment to work.

People aren’t machines; people like to have someone who listens to them, and as you see that is pivotal as you are acting (as in action) and not reacting. You are in a place of peace, and everyone perceives that.

I’m sure that you can relate to this words, and would like to change the way you deal with things. You can do it! – You just need to practice, step by step.

“Less is more” – this quote from Mies Van Der Rohe applies perfectly here.

Allow yourself to change, improving you and the people’s environment, and you’ll be surprised with the changes.

What are you waiting for?


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