Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching is an interactive process of exploring work-related issues – leading to efficient actionable actions – in which the coach also takes the role of facilitator of the individual towards organizational development and transformation.

What Career Coaches Do?

  • Connect people with a deeper level of motivation than “just a job;” clients discover their passion and purpose to guide their decisions, empowering them to choose work they love, make a good living and still have a balanced life;
  • Building capability in the individual client and getting results in real-time, which leads to creating proficiencies, not just the ability to overcome deficiencies;
  • Probe for openings that lead to long-term development opportunities rather than providing just a “quick fix”;
  • Create effective coaching interactions by listening, observing, discerning, and modeling;
  • Deliver effective coaching through feedback, questions, statements, challenges, and ideas;
  • Improve clients’ ability to market and sell themselves in the job market regardless of economic conditions;
  • Increase individual potential for career growth and future earning power;
  • Assist clients in becoming “career self-reliant,” taking control and ownership of their career development;
  • Enhance their clients’ job satisfaction through the discovery of their authentic vocation.

Specifically, career coaches’ duties often include:

  • Assist with clarification of overall purpose/direction;
  • Administer assessments: interest inventories, personality type instruments, etc.
  • Help clients match their skills, interests, and passions with an ideal career path, jobs, and work environments;
  • (Sometimes) the draft resumes, or provide feedback to the client on their resume design/content;
  • Link clients with potential jobs, both published and unpublished;
  • Roleplay with clients: networking meetings, interviews;
  • Coach clients on communication skills, professional image;
  • Help clients deal with obstacles to their progress, whether due to job history, lack of the “right” qualifications, or personal/family issues;
  • Encourage the client to pursue their dream!
  • Work in/manage/set up career center;
  • Assist clients with negotiating.

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