Boss or Leader

Boss or Leader: Who are you?

Probably you think that these two words are the same: are they? I compare being a boss as a “bad ruler”, whereas a Leader doesn’t need to “rule”, he just has the charisma, the capability to listen and to get what he wants. Did it spike your curiosity? I’m sure it did. Imagine yourself in …

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Leadership and Meditation

Leadership and Meditation

People are very suspicious when we talk about meditation; they imagine that a person has to sit on the floor, legs crossed, with strange robes and echoing chants. If you believe your purpose in life is to become a monk, surely that’d be the way. BUT you’re not, you’re a Leader, aren’t you? Meditation, specifically …

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Conscious Leader

Are you a Conscious Leader?

Be a Leader is not a commodity; it shouldn’t be something seen as transactional, more as an organic way of being and action from such a place; from inside yourself – rooted in your values, and aware of the surroundings. Odd? Perhaps, you’ve never seen yourself from this perspective: did you? – do this exercise …

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Be a Leader with Coaching

A coach is a person who partners with you in your endeavor, challenging you, bringing out what is ‘hidden’ inside yourself. S/He will facilitate the process of ‘transformation’; imagine yourself as a caterpillar that will end up being a ‘butterfly.’ Maybe you don’t like them so you can choose another analogy; regardless, you got the …

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