Discover Your Purpose in 5 Steps


The routine of life can cheat us into believing that the reason for our existence is that which we do every day.

Well, that is right to some extent because we must go to school to get a good education, go to work to pay our bills, and then get married to give rise to the next generation.

Most people would like to know their purpose in life because it is a common topic in social circles but how is it done?

1. Take note of things that captivate you
It’s hard to make a life out of something that you do not love doing because you will not only survive long but you will also be unable to impact others.

Did you have a dream as a child of what you wanted to become?

Do you have a favorite subject that you speak about most times?

Is there an activity that you naturally excel in?

Being honest in assessing yourself is the first step for unearthing the potential that lies underneath.

2. Use your abilities to serve others
The best indicator of purpose is being able to do what you love without expecting any compensation.

If you are unsure about your purpose in life, try volunteering your time to make the lives of other people better. Assess the level of self-fulfillment you get at the end of the day and establish if this is enough reward for what you have done.

3. Meditate on the influence you make
With so much exposure, it is easy to assume that you are good in everything just because a lot was taught to you.

You can only be good at one thing and maybe average on the rest.

If you feel confused on what is your best gift, think of the legacy that you want to leave behind. Settle on that thing that leaves a lasting impression on other people.

4. Take the risk
The ultimate step to discovering your purpose is to put it into practice.

This step will require you to be bold and ready to bear the consequences of what the outcome might be.

With the help of a mentor or a coach, there is nothing to worry about.

5. Get into action
It is now time to put your purpose into action.

It is common to face discouragement from the people around you who do not believe in taking risks.

Do not take offense to their lack of support because they think that they are protecting you from disappointment.

If you find something to do which you love, put food on your table and makes a name for you in society, then you have managed to discover your purpose in life.

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