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Executive coaching is professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills.

Are you an executive, leader, or aspire to be one looking to develop your skills so that you'll be able to overcome your present roadblocks?

If you're looking for expert support to take upon your strengths, look at your weaknesses, and acquire the competencies, confidence, presence and all the tools that a top executive should have under his/her belt so that you'll be able to be effective this is the right approach for you to take.

I provide customized executive and leadership coaching to individuals that want to step up their game, thrive and set themselves apart from the pack.

As a coach who uses a wide variety of leadership models, skills, positive psychology, team building, communication and emotional intelligence competencies, I'm able to partner with individuals that want to unveil the core issues behind their professional and personal lives while achieving powerful and lasting results.

Typical issues - but not limited to - include helping individuals to:

  • master the leadership, communication and emotional intelligence competencies they need to have a higher impact on their organizations;
  • discover, deconstruct and move on from their blind spots;
  • time management;
  • develop and communicate their vision;
  • coach, delegate and empower their teams;
  • thrive on change or transition.
  • appreciate their unique strengths and walk the talk of leadership.
  • manage themselves in high-stress level environments;
  • balance their professional and personal life;
  • establish a growth plan for themselves and their organizations.

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