Leaders: Are they BORN or MADE?

Leaders Born or Made

Who is a leader? Is it the one, who leads? Is it the one, who makes the others follow him? Is the one, who knows what is right and what is wrong? Is it the one, who doesn’t believe in taking advices and making others do all the things, according to his knowledge and experience?

Nope. A leader is someone who gets down on the ground and messes his hands to complete the task that his team has taken on its head. Every team member is the leader’s responsibility; despite his position, he believes in involving himself totally into the task to get the best out of his entire team and achieve the goals.

Now the big question is – are leaders born or made?

If you ask me, I would say they are made and not born; nobody is born with skills. Since leadership is a skill, it needs to be developed; you can either develop it on your own or take the help of others to be a good leader of the team. When you think that you can’t be a good leader, you have others supporting you and inspiring you to be one.

So what proves that leaders are made and not born? Read below to know about the same:

  1. Because a real leader has to make ‘mistakes’: Unless an individual makes mistakes, he can’t improve himself and be a better leader. A leader is made because he makes mistakes and learns from them.
  2. Because a leader needs to work with the team: A leader has to work with the team. He has to ensure that he gets along well with each and every individual in his team to blend with him and work in a better way.
  3. Because a leader is self-made first: A leader builds himself and enhances his skills depending upon the kinds of tasks he has to do, the goals he has to achieve and the team that he has to work with. The leader is made depending upon the way he carves or shapes himself.
  4. Because a leader is chosen by the team: A leader is chosen by the team; if the team loves an individual and believes in his leading skills, it chooses him as the leader; it gets influenced by the traits he possesses, and that’s exactly how he is made.

So, what type of leader are you?


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