Who is Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto

My name is Pedro Pinto, MBA, PCC. I’m a Certified Executive, Leadership, and Personal Coach founder of I Am Your Coach.

"I help individuals overcome their roadblocks from all perspectives so they can reach their desired professional and life goals."

Applying more than 17 years of expertise in the corporate world in leadership positions, it sets me apart when working with individuals that want to cross to the other side - getting results. I've been there, felt the pains of career development, the business strategies, and the best practices to execute a project by the set deadline.

All of my experiences, part of my life story, made me the person that I am today, and eager to pave a path with you to reach what you're looking for.

Who am I deep inside? What am I at my core?

The following four principles are who I am at my core, are the principles that rule my life every day, are embedded in my way of doing, being, living, and coaching.

When you work with me, you will be supported by these 4 unchanging guiding principles.

Accept all shades of your humanity, to get results.

The way I have always been – whether it’s the books I read, the short stories I write, the conversations I’m drawn to, is how we – all humans – do things, think, and feel things that we don’t always want to come to terms with. By being in contact with a myriad of cultures and languages from all over the world, the work opens my mind to the multiplicity of people that I’ve met throughout the years.

I am interested in understanding all shades of humanity.
What makes you afraid, what you don’t want to admit to yourself, what you don’t want to reconcile, but know you need to live a full life.

By partnering with me so I can support you to face all shades of your humanity (which by the way, all of us have), you’ll shed light where it needs to be, and get the results either in your private or professional life.

Overcoming roadblocks together

Just like all humans, I have struggled with roadblocks. The difference is that I see roadblocks as a chance to grow – not as a chance to give up. And, this is what I guide my clients through. For example, a former client complained he was never able to reach his goals. As soon as the first issue appeared in his life, he quit. This was a pattern in all aspects of his life. With my support, he realized that life is a marathon, with many roadblocks – small and large – to overcome, and we can win it by breaking it down into sprints.

I believe that for every roadblock you face and overcome, you:

  • get stronger;
  • learn what works and don’t;
  • increase the belief in yourself;
  • get smarter.

Most people think that roadblocks mean you’re not on the right path. However, addressing them is the fast track to reach your goals done.

Deconstructing everything

When I was a child – and even today – I was crazy about Legos and cars; the magic of how I was able to put them together, build something new, then “implode” it and see the result and re-do it again. It was terrific to deconstruct each part, seeing how it worked, and then put everything together. I realize that how my brain works and has worked for as long as I can remember – is a curiosity and methodical deconstructing of parts, to see the source of how it works so that we can put it back together even more powerfully.

It’s the same with human beings. Often, individuals want a magic wand. They want a solution without deconstructing the issues. However, there are no shortcuts. It is only through a methodical piece-by-piece deconstruction of all your “stuff” that will get you to the solution that you want.

Blunt and Authentic

People, in general, imagine that being blunt and authentic is being impolite or disrespectful, so they hold themselves back while they judge, fear – or even envy – others who can communicate authentically. They’d like to be able to speak their mind, but fear what other people would say or think. So they stay silent and live a half-life.

The truth is, it IS possible to be polite, respectful, AND stand for what you want, what you believe, and how you think. I support my clients in facing their fears, judgments, and past conditioning so that they can live a true life being blunt and authentic, and reach their goals.

Training qualifications

Professional Qualifications

  • Diversity & Inclusion Certificate - Cornell University
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Universidad Camilo José Cela
  • Master in Neuropsychology, Multiple Intelligences, and Mindfulness in Education of Adults - Universidad Camilo José Cela


Other qualifications

  • Former ICF Los Angeles Director of Communications
  • Speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian

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