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Pedro Pinto
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Certified, Executive Coach with 17 years of leadership experience as a CIO in an international multi-cultural environment helping clients from all walks of life overcome their roadblocks.


More about me

I am a Certified Executive Coach. I support individuals from different walks of life in overcoming their roadblocks from all perspectives so they can reach their desired professional and life goals.

Probably I've been in your shoes. I have a solid 17+ years in the corporate tech world as a CIO. That allows me to understand the hurdles of navigating across a company, all areas, and across- teams.

With a background in IT, Marketing, Neuropsychology, and Business Administration, a solution-focused approach, I can better understand the connections between different teams from different areas, assisting you in achieving the best possible outcome.

I am an International Coach Federation member, a Professional Certified Coach, and a former Director of Communications of the ICF Los Angeles Chapter.

I transitioned to coaching more than five years ago. It was a smooth and seamless transition since I was already doing most of what a Coach does. Furthermore, being a coach allows me to connect with individuals worldwide while providing the best coaching/results and learning with my coachees (clients.)

On a more personal level, I can say that I love languages – I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Being exposed to different cultures allows me to have a broad perspective of the world.

As I always say, "Less, but better."

My philosophy

By using a solution-focused approach, provoking you to go below the surface, you'll be able to find 'blindspots' that you can use as leverage while outlining the action steps that will make you reach the goals that you'll set for yourself.

It's a matter of identifying, drill-down, focusing, and being accountable (take action, develop, thrive, reach your goals.)

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