Postponing – Why do You Lie to Yourself?


You came across a task that you don’t fancy: your brain triggers 1001 thoughts and excuses to make you think that there’s something else that needs to be addressed.

I must tell you: you are lying to yourself, believing in your inner chattering voice: you’re procrastinating!!!

Our brain, just makes us think that we are needed elsewhere, and when we leave the task in hand to the other, suddenly we feel relieved; it seems that we breathe better, and everything makes senses: does it?

In a certain way it does; you’ll have a temporary pleasure, a rush of endorphins all over your body; gosh, you’re feeling great.

Suddenly, something changes, it seems that you start craving for more of that sweet sensations, but the stock is empty, and the manufacturer is out of stock.

Besides that in front of you lies the “bloody” task that didn’t move an inch, and you think: “Gosh, what did I do to deserve this?”.

You politely postponed it, and now it’s “chasing you”.

Don’t despair; there’s a solution for this, but you have to be brave: are you bold enough?

1. Face the task that I don’t want to do, even if you feel discomfort.

2. Play with yourself, and set a time to focus only on that without any external distractions – no, no Internet, no cell phone, just the task.

3. Let’s say that you’ve been focused for 25 minutes; now, take a pause – just 5 minutes -, and do something that you really like.

4. Go to step 2. After four chunks of 25 minutes, allow yourself to pause for 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Is the task done? If so, reward yourself with a treat; otherwise, go to step 2.

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

I know, I know, I may disagree with me, but give it a go, and then tell me what you’ve experienced.

You’re tricking your brain, avoid procrastination and have things done when they are needed.

Life is simple; the issue is that most of the times we engage with our inner voice that misleads us, or we make up excuses to deceive ourselves, and afterward we pay the price.

Go, just do it!


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