Teams: Introverts and Extroverts


Managers, in general, tend to prefer extroverts; either because they are or because they seem that choosing that type of people will make you having the best team in the world?

Are you sure?

I encourage you to think again; you can continue to read this article, though.

I come across with several teams from different companies where the C-level guys or even middle managers are not quite aware of the main differences between these two types.

So, let’s dive into it, without further due.

Mainly, Introverts “recharge” – get energy – when they are alone, or in a small group of people, and most of the times they need a little more time to answer you. On the other hand, Extroverts “recharge” when being around a lot of people, they are more outgoing; it’s just the way they get their energy from.

You might be thinking: “What shall I do?.”

It’s quite simple, balance your team and you’ll have the best of both worlds. How? Why? Is that true? – Totally!!!

Having a team with both types of people, you’ll get the creative part on, the scenarios well thought, and the overall productivity will increase drastically. If you have a good “policy”, where everyone respects everyone, and you gather all the ideas; each person is allowed to speak up without being “overwhelmed” by others, so you have an A-Team.

The result of such blended team is that you’ll never have hasty decisions from anyone, you still have the spontaneity that comes from the Extroverts and all the wiser advice from the Introverts.

Personally, I don’t fancy to generalize but from my experience, and while working with teams, managers and C-level people the outcome was very positive. Yes, at first they needed to understand, to go deeper, to be coached so then can perceive all the benefits and how people work.

When in action, and then when the results (KPIs) were measured, these have been proven to be right.

It’s just a matter of mindset, and you know, everyone can, and should, evolve. The main thing is if you want to be a better version of yourself, improve, go beyond of what you’re now.

This is just the start of an endeavor that you may take; some people have “the balls” to do it, others don’t.

What type of person are you? – reflect, don’t be afraid and accept the challenge.

“Do. Make Mistakes. Redo”

If you stop or are afraid you’re not living the life, you are meant to be.


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