Daniel Scholz

Daniel Scholz

Head of Buying APAC – Hong Kong, China

I have had fantastic results working with Pedro and can definitely recommend him! I started experiencing a difference in my everyday professional actions and thoughts right away.


I have achieved better results with Pedro in the time we have been working together than I have attending other sessions for more than one year! I have never felt more connected to myself than I do now, or like I was moving forward with my issues.


Pedro fully supported me to see that how to overcome and solve my issues is as important than to know what the real issues are. It’s such a more positive way to handle things. Pedro is a highly skilled and professional coach but also a wonderful person – he has great energy, and you will probably trust and like him upon your first meeting.


Thanks for being so awesome, Pedro. High fives!

Andy Follows

Andy Follows

Managing Director – UK

Pedro’s style is supportive, encouraging and appropriately challenging. He is friendly and warm, curious and keen to help.


I would happily recommend Pedro as a coach based on my experience over six sessions. He is warm and supportive, with a very considered approach. He challenged me appropriately so that I could gain maximum benefit from the process.


He listens well and asks good questions, focuses on the process without getting sucked into the narrative while challenging some of my assumptions and beliefs and helped me to review their effectiveness. By reflecting back on what he heard without judgment, he picked up on subtle nuances of tone and speech.


I used my sessions with Pedro to focus on key topics that were in front of mind around the time of our calls. He helped me to unpack various business topics and arrive at my preferred action plan. I found myself experiencing valuable insights during or sometimes after our calls.


To give one example, my belief that “selling to strangers is a fruitless task” became a belief that “selling to people who don’t understand the value of what I bring is a fruitless task.” If I can demonstrate the value, even to a stranger, I’ll stand a better chance of making a sale.

Pedro was influential in helping me to decide on a course of action for several topics we discussed.

Nick Fawler

Nick Fowler

Leader in International Non-profit – Missionary – Brazil

When Pedro was coaching me, I felt like he understood at a deeper level. He genuinely cares. He is a coach that likes happiness and joy but can come down to the serious moments as well. When I was working with Pedro on my next project, my thinking clearer, and I developed an action plan for networking. Next time we talked, he was sure to hold me accountable to my plan. One thing Pedro works toward is solutions. I am thankful for my breakthroughs during my coaching sessions.

Tilly Remy

Tilly Remy

Red Deer/Alberta, Canada

Pedro is easy to talk to. I felt from the beginning very comfortable with him and in good hands. Pedro helped me to get more clarity in a specific situation in my life.


By asking me powerful questions and at the same time giving me space to explore my own values, “why’s” and insides, I realized that there was way more behind my original issue and way deeper learnings about myself than I ever thought.


With all this amazing support of Pedro, I was able to create my own plan to get closer to what I truly wanted. Thank you, Pedro.

Lori Bertazzon

Lori Bertazzon

Coach - Vancouver, B.C. - Canada

Thank you, Pedro! After our coaching sessions, I had a clearer picture of where I was going. Thanks, too, for helping me break down the steps to get there. I really appreciated you keeping me on track with my goal. You’ve been a great support.

Aryeh Glazier

Aryeh Glazier

MA in Organizational Development Student – USA

Pedro’s unique coaching style created an environment of openness and professionalism that allowed me to deeply and effectively explore personal issues that were curtailing my ongoing development.


Through a combination of empathetic listening and strong attention to detail, he acted as a full and equal partner throughout my coaching session.


The value I received included an increased awareness of some of the important action steps that would be of greatest benefit to me at this time. By adopting these action steps, I am now better prepared for my academic and career pursuits.

Joao Nobre

João Machado Nobre

Product Manager – Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro helped me as my career coach at a time I needed preparation for this major employment transition. I had just quit my job and wanted to change my area of expertise 100%, not knowing where and how to start.


I want to emphasize that Pedro did not make decisions for me. Instead, he has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness by creating a plan or concept for what I want my career to look like in the near future. Pedro helped me taking action, step by step, think about where I am, where I want to be, and how to achieve that. Through that process, very wisely, Pedro created hypothetical scenarios, challenged me beyond my comfort zone, and helped me realize that, no matter what, I always have choices. The bottom line, he asked the right questions, which led me to very solid decisions.


As to the value of my money? Absolutely! I would recommend Pedro as his wisdom, transparency, forward-thinking, honesty, life experience, and genuine interest in helping others can help anyone, in any circumstance in life. It works! Pedro has been a vital resource for me, and I look forward to our continuing relationship.


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